Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Type 2 Blogger Listing - 2014

This is a different type of listing. Because I am able to identify them as type 2 bloggers, they are included. They are not in any order, but mainly the order in which they were discovered. I will continue to look for others, but I would appreciate hearing about others from readers. Just email the URL at my email on the profile page.

Those that wish to be expanded and included in an expanded listing like this should contact me using my email on the profile page. The previous listing includes those through 2013 that have given me permission and for that I am thankful.

The following are type 2 chefs that I have discovered. The three included in the list here are still active. One does appear to have stopped recently.

There may be more of these, but this is a father with two type 1 children that now has type 2 diabetes himself. He still writes mostly for type 1 diabetes.