Monday, January 4, 2016

Type 2 Bloggers 2016

It is interesting to find type 2 bloggers, but at the same time it is very disappointing to have so many that have or are stopping.

This is the new listing for 2016 and I am working on a way to alphabetize those that I have since I started listing type 2 bloggers. This will take some time as I am trying to maintain my blog on a consistent basis.

Type 2 bloggers

I am surprised to only find one in the last two months.

Added 8/12/16

Blogs by Professionals without Diabetes

Added 03/01/2016     Does not have diabetes

Added 11/25/16
About Skinny Chef Jennifer Iserloh

A listing of all types of bloggers

Type 2 bloggers are at the bottom.