Friday, January 2, 2015

Type 2 diabetes bloggers 2015

Type 2 Blogger List – 2015

This is a different type of listing. Because I am able to identify them as type 2 bloggers, they are included. They are not in any order, but mainly the order in which they were discovered. I will continue to look for others, but I would appreciate hearing about others from readers. Just email the URL at my email on the profile page.

Those that wish to be expanded and included in an expanded listing should contact me using my email on the profile page. The previous listing includes those through 2013 that have given me permission and for that I am thankful.  Those listed in 2014 are here.

I will attempt to have additions at the beginning of each quarter, so scroll down each quarter to find new entries.

I am not promoting any business done by the blogger. The listing is because they do blog about type 2 diabetes. There may be others, but because they promote their business aggressively, I find it difficult to list them.

I will delete any blogger that does not post for more than 12 months or asks me to remove their blog listing. If they return to blogging and want to be listed, I will add them back.

I realize that some type 2 bloggers blog on other sites or even magazines and that will be why they are listed.

Type 2 diabetes Bloggers

A new site by a professional without diabetes, but working in the area of diabetes

Added 8/22/15

Websites with both type 1 and type 2 articles

Diabetes Magazines

Diabetic Cooks

Interesting Diabetes Sites

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  1. Hi Bob,
    I am really surprised that you live a healthy life full of optimistic despite the diabetes type 2. Not only that, you share stories and experiences of your life on this blog. This very useful for many people. God bless you